If there is any future possibility of bringing Nanling to Grizedale:

Along the way I've meet some possible candidates that could benefit tremendously from time in the UK chez Grizedale and equally bring some indispensable knowledge and skills to us...

Chen Yan Ping, a feisty, super smart Chinese teacher without any arsey self-important arrogance. Can crochet and gujun at the same time, seems to have fingers in pies and learns fast. Can join Grizedale local Chinese orchestra.
You Ying Qi (aka Maggie)- English teacher- improve her English because the school needs it, poss translator. Can make Chinese knots and knows dried food process. Young and desperate to see outside of Five Fingers.
Zhang Wei Jun- peanut oil producer, extremely resourceful and open minded, a really nice bloke who would instill confidence in the others
Uncle Joe..... war wound cooking, would be in his element learning and imparting knowledge, English chips for Chinese chips 50-50
Li Gui E- know how on food production, run an (honesty?) stall with her crochet skills, gain confidence to spread round others on her return
Zhang Mao Guang- a must pack traditional artist- calligrapher plus ink and brush landscape artist. Can also carve wooden stamps. Holds true to his word, brainy and helpful.
Lay Tin Yan, farmer and tea planting addict, (non PG) tips for Grizedale and paddies?

.... Xinghai/Worker's Union/the farm/family restaurant?

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