Wow, so Nanling is almost here and I am experiencing mixed stirrings of emotions, expectations and general internal witterings one can only perhaps undergo armed with the knowledge that bananas are definitely multi-shaded and past monkeys if Alistair is Chinese and I am not.
Spag bol and Sefton park are about to be airplane fooded into dumplings and grass (without a fence?) and the Scouse accent (apart from the sound of my own) is about to become the song of Nanling dialect, Cantonese? I wonder if I can use my minimal understanding of my parent's soundings to possibly get by without raising my eyebrow at Jiayiang too many times/day?

So, I am thinking about starting to try and locate post colonialism when I get there and how I fear I might possibly malfunction in response to the cultural change taking place in this seeming idyll, of which we are about to become part. How I can with my hands and head help happiness and make friends because it's been a while since I knew China?

From here it's kind of a big deal - China is about to be removed from black and white stills through my parent’s eyes and memories of eating copious white steamed buns on a ferry from Hong Kong to Shanghai at age four. Things have changed as I bore witness when I visited Nanjing but that was a colourful smog swept ancient capital six years ago and now I am going to a resort that appears to me behind wavy lines, a village that is at once fabricated yet real. Perhaps I should not connect my visit to Ngong Ping Village in Hong Kong last year in the same thought trail.

I've been invited to write an article for A-N about artist's engagement with local communities focusing on a Scottish artist's Sri Lanka project, but I also think Nanling is a great place to begin. I am wondering what each of us will help to plant and who/what is about to enter our lives... If it’s ok with everyone, I may interview people during the course of the trip or refer to the blog towards the article.

Anyhow, impressed by Brian’s cup practice, I’ve decided to go back to skool …

See you all soon!

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