Wuzishen branch of Colette?
Wuzishen branch of Colette?

Laura Davies work modulates between economics and design (good use of stadard art lingo - Ed.)as you will see at www.bryanandlauradavies.com and often works in tandem with the architectural concerns of husband Bryan.

Her research in Nanling drew her to work with a local dressmaker, to look at how she might produce a range of clothes which would sell outside of the localised economy of the village. Laura worked through some European designs that have their origins in utilitarian clothes, but now have appeal as high-end fashion. The dialogue between artist and dressmaker resulted in three prototype dresses would have appeal beyond the village. Her designs also included a tailored version of the arm protecting sleeves worn by many of the workers in Nanling, re-presented as fashion accessory.

In tandem Laura worked on a series of drawings of local vernacular and agricultural objects to be made up into a Nanling fabric, a sort of Nanling toile. The idea is that this fabric, which tells a story of, and subsequently, promotes the village can be utilised by the dressmaker to make a new brand of clothes which can be marketed outside of the region.

The key part of this project is to get people to start thinking about making product to export out, rather than producing solely for the local market.

Additionally the artist dressed up the ping fang house to suggest how the building could be adapted to become a boutique which could highlight the craft and culture of the village, not just a fashion shop for the visitor but a concept store where local enterprise ideas could be developed.


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