At the Worker's Union HQ last night, they were practicing hard for Saturday's big event. That's a few dance medals they won- they claim they're ready to take us on, you can hear the trepidation in Alistair's voice.

The Worker's Union was set up in 1958 and they meet now and then to play mah jong, dance and just hang out- not really any political intent these days. They told us that the one child policy is slightly more lenient for village folk (Five Fingers being a town) who may have a second child without any threat of penalisation. Jiaying tells me that this is for those who are registered by their parents as being born in a village at birth. This means some folk out in Guangzhou and other cities registered as villagers may have a second child without need for the snip or emptier pockets. The bust of Mao set a nice backdrop as the women showed interest in Alistair's fine Western stature and tale of his four sons- a Chinese wet dream for carrying on the lineage.

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